Friday, August 28, 2009

Memphis Mayoral Debate 2009

Memphis' mayor Willie Herrenton recently resigned his position, requiring a special election for new mayor. WMC TV Action News 5 televised a live debate at Opera Memphis on August 27, 2009 bewteen 9 of the candidates: Charles Carpenter, Carol Chumney, Wanda Halbert, Robert Hodges (Prince Mongo), Jerry (the King) Lawler, Myron Lowery, Sharon Webb, Rev. Kenneth Whalum, Jr. and A C Wharton.

Here is a link to the complete videos:

As a public service, I have compiled my own wrap up of the event. All text is taken verbatum (you cant make this stuff up!)

Opera Memphis
I (blink) wasnt (blink) liked (blink)
Get nekked
Wendy cracks up
What I want to bring to the Mayor's office is .. time sir
No. Is dat one a doze yes no questions?
Drug test
30 (blink) police (blink) off (blink) i (blink) cers (blink)
Bust a Move Monday
What the hell you need to feed the homeless!
Pro Bass aint comin here!
Free trolleys
Simply been phenominal
Tear down the pyramid
589 million homes
Nobody would buy bonds from the City, I wouldnt if they were free
Ms Chumney yes or no?, (blink)(blink)
Issue all the citizens an Uzzi!
Care to explain what happened with the two female visitors in you church? Absolutely Positively NOT!
You mean school funding? Oh yes we need money to educate our children
I'm the only one that makes sense because I know I'm right.
Momma, papa rats and baby rats
Johnathan cracks up
Go to church and say your prayers and stop stealing all this money from the government!
Thank you sir, time sir, thank you.
Elvis island.
Talented workforce.
What would you do to restore hours at city owned golf courses? That's (blink) critical (blink). You don’t just popup while the cameras are there. At least (blink) you (...blink) pop (blink) up.
I cant answer that ridiculous question
There’s (blink) not going (blink) to be a (blink) backroom (blink) deal at (blink) La Chardonnay (blink)(blink).
I hate religion, I hate religion.
Tapioca on the ballot.
These people don’t care about your money.
We need to take all these political turds and put em in a toilet and flush em out!
I’d rather invest my money with Saddam Hussein in the grave!
They view Memphis as a poor southern hick town, suburbia wants Memphis to fail.
Using the N word.
Would you drive home a city owned vehicle? Yes!
I want three of them and six bodyguards.
I ride home in a city owned vehicle, I don’t drive it.
Back to reality.
Ms Webb, name TWO ways you can make Memphis a better city. I can educate our children in excellence and, um, what? I don’t know, ha ha, thank you.
Music, Martin Luther King and Memphians.
What would you do to reduce blight? I could answer that quickly but … Post Employment Issues … Nashville’s sewer rates … My times up?
You’re a crafty guy.
Fred Smith,... Fedex, music.
They need to put comic books in there and video games.
Build a new library at the Penal farm not where you get robbed when you go in that library on poplar.
Cut out positions created for friends and family.
We shut down the archives office.
Exempt cars 2 years old or less? 2 years or Less? In other words newer cars.
No (blink) and I (blink) will (blink) continu.e to (blink) take my (blink) car (blink) through (blink) every (blink) ye…thank you Ms Chumny.

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shibahn said...

Wow! This is right on target. What a clown show.