Friday, September 11, 2009

New Organic Fairtrade coffee available now

The winner of our first 'cupping' "Organic Fairtrade Peru Perunor" is now available at Square Beans Coffee.

Perunor is a very reputable exporter of the highest quality coffee from Peru. The coffee farms are located at 1250 and 1800 meters above sea level in the districts of Yamon, Cumba, and Lonya Grande in the Department of the Amazons, and in Santa Rosa's districts in the Department of Cajamaca. The best Peruvian coffees are mellow-bodied with lightly floral acidity and a crisp clean finish.

The whole bean coffee is $12.95 / pound an INCLUDES a free 16oz cup of today's brew. We will be happy to grind to coffee for you too.

In addition, we also have a fresh batch of:

French Roast Blend

Combining buttery South and Central American coffees with bright earthy coffees from the Pacific, roasted to perfection. This is absolutely the smoothest French Roast Blend you will ever sip. It will tickle your taste buds with a fruity taste, followed by a deep, rich robust middle note and ending with a clean finish. It will leave you wanting more. This coffee has a perfect balance with low acidity and less caffeine.

Guatemalan Los Volcanes

Stretching across the highlands of Guatemala near fertile volcanic soil is the SHB (strictly hard-bean) complex fruit. Strictly hard bean means that it develops more slowly and has a more complex flavor. This coffee has a slightly toasty front, with flowers, leading up to a very chocolate middle and a long sweet finish. It has a polished body and lively acidity.

Sumatra Mandheling

This is a treasured Indonesian coffee known for its exceptionally complex flavors of tobacco, liquors and earth. It has a perfect syrupiness with a light body. The coffee is sun-dried on drying patios; this solar method preserves the interior fruit sugars.

Tanzania Ruvuma

This is a bright cup from the largest coffee producing part of the country and is grown in rich volcanic soil. First comes the aroma of orange zest, followed by a malty caramel like flavor that lingers for a long time. Syrup and butter finish this excellent cup. One of Walt's all time favorites!