Saturday, February 21, 2009

Relay 4 Life Acoustic Show - HERE!

Start your spring break off right, and come out to Square Beans [on the Square] for some awesome music, awesome people, awesome coffee, and an even greater cause.

Performing [in no particular order]:

Nonconnah: Face blowing rock-and-roll music with a soft side. And maybe a little bit of country-techno. Check Nonconnah out here to hear some of their stuff.

Jacob Bennett

Brandon Kelly

Joseph Barrios

Weston Hall: acoustic/folk

There won't be any admission, but we will be taking donations to support Relay for Life, a massive fundraiser for cancer cure research

Friday, February 20, 2009

What's a Square Bean? Part I

Just what is a Square Bean? We'll you have probably guessed (or been told) the play on words (we sell coffee BEANS and we are on the town SQUARE so...) but maybe you haven't thought about what REALLY makes Square Beans Coffee Company so special. In the next few blogs, I hope to enlighten existing customers and inspire new ones to discover or rediscover an experience that we think is pretty special.

What is it that a lcoal coffee shop really has to offer? Sure we exist to sell coffee and support our family but I truely believe that our real business is making people happy. Thats it. Just a little something to perk up your day, stimulate your senses and maybe your mind.

Sometimes, you just want to grab a fresh brewed black coffee or a skinny vanilla latte on the way to work in the morning and thats OK too.

But it's also about that little luxury that blurs the line of needing and wanting. It's about the coffee shop atmosphere.

The smell of fresh baked oatmeal cookies (nothing like it), the warmth of the fireplace (ok its electric but it looks like the real thing and does give of some heat). It's Kelli smile behind the counter as she whips up your own special concoction known only to you and her. It's Fresh chocolate filled belgian croissants, a hearty homemade quiche, Shelby's lemon poppy seed muffins drizzled with vanilla icing or a juicy slice of Sugaree's strawberry cake. It's coffee grinding and milk frothing in the background mixed with sweet jazz music. It's folks plugging in their laptops and enjoying free WIFI with their cappucino.

It's a place to get away from home or the office for a while. It's a place to go alone and read in an a big overstuffed leather chair by the window (in the glow of a leg lamp of course! - It's a major prize you know!) Maybe with a mocha or chai. It's a place to meet friends, coworkers, business associates, family maybe even a date.

It's fun and relaxing and you may actualy meet some one new. Yes. Real live face to face interaction! You just cant have the same experience over email, iPhone or facebook. visiting over a cup of well made coffee beats them all hands down.

So yes, Square Beans does sell great coffee but don't miss the point of what it really means to be a Square Bean.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Harrell Theatre Presents: To Kill A Mockingbird

From the 1960’s novel by Harper Lee, this drama is a change of direction from our more familiar musical productions for which we have become known and for which we have garnered recent Ostrander Awards.

Set in a time period most people have only read about, this theme will be enlightening to produce. In Maycomb, Alabama in 1935, a young Scout Finch lives with her father, Atticus Finch, an attorney, and her older brother Jem. Things become tumultuous in Maycomb as Tom Robinson, a black man, is accused of raping a white woman, Mayella. Atticus is asked to represent him and accepts, knowing that that decision will likely make him and his family unpopular in town. Meanwhile Scout, Jem and a summer friend, Dill, quickly forge a bond over one of the neighborhood legends –Boo Radley. Jem and Scout have never seen Boo, though they’ve grown up hearing about him and his captivity in a house down the street. The children become obsessed with the idea of making Boo Radley come out.
As the trial moves ahead, the town’s emotions run high, mobs gather and friendships are tried. The trial begins, and it becomes clear that Tom could not have raped Mayella. However, the jury is made up of all white males, and they convict Tom. With the conviction comes more heartache for the town as innocents are sacrificed and children learn about the harsh realities of the world. To Kill a Mockingbird tells the story of one battle against prejudice that will forever change the lives of those in the town.

Opens February 19 and runs through March 1. Thursday-Saturday nights 8p, Saturday matinee on the 21st at 2:30p and Sunday matinees at 2:30p. Student, family and group discounts available! Call the Harrell Theatre 853-3228 at 440 West Powell Rd in Collierville for tickets or go to the website: .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Video Testimonials

Our first video testimonials! If you love Square Beans, here's your chance to tell the world! If you would like to help us spread the word with a 10 second video, email me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amazingly Detailed Valentines Cookies

Local baker / decorator Barb Rabinowitz has outdone herself. She has created some gorgeous sugar cookies for Valentines day. take a look at the designs and details. And they taste great! Each cookie is about 6" and sells for $3.95 WHILE THEY LAST.
(special orders for any design available)

From Food(sm)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Its a Sign - Part II

The outdoor sign is complete and hung! Follow along:

Here is John Wright Hall of Copper-Hall using a plasma cutter to cut the design that I traced onto the metal:

From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

John watches as Brad Arnold takes his turn at the torch:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

How about a video? Steady hands John!
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

Pretty Sparks:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

Close up of cutting the design:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

John and Brad display the finished plate:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

Now to grind the backside smooth:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

1" iron is heated and bent to follow the profile of the brick on front of the building
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

Spacemen weld the iron band to the plate:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

Closeup of the band. That's one hot joint!
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

The finished piece:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

Welding the final piece of iron work on top of the building:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

The bracket is afixed - (thanks to a couple of brave souls):
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

John adjusts the sign for level:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

How's it look from down there Brad?
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

Well done guys! I highly recommend Copper-Hall if you need any kind of artistic metalwork:

From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

And the final product:
From Square Beans Coffee Sign Creation

Next project????


Fewer things speak the language of love better than a song, especially when that song is being played to benefit MAGRR! On Valentine's Day, from 2-4, MAGRR Angel, Donna Wolf, will give a live musical performance at Square Beans Coffee Company. Located conveniently on the Collierville square, Square Beans features decadent coffees, sandwiches, and an array of delicious desserts. Bring your sweetheart by for a latte and a slice of strawberry cake, and allow the serene sounds of Donna's violin to romance your afternoon. Donna will donate any proceeds from her performance to MAGRR. It's a Valentine concert that truly comes from the heart!

Love is Golden

Few things speak the language of love better than a song. On Saturday, February 14, bring your Valentine to Square Beans Coffee Company, from 2-4, for a latte and a live musical performance by Donna Wolf.

The cleverly named, Square Beans, is located on Collierville's Town Square and features a wide assortment of decadent coffees and desserts. The cozy ambiance along with the soothing strings of Donna Wolf's violin, make it the perfect place to spend Valentine's Day. Even sweeter than the menu's strawberry cake, is that Donna is donating any concert proceeds to the Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue. [MAGRR]

Apart from being a skilled violinist, Donna Wolf completes a loving circle of twenty foster families for MAGRR, a non-profit organization responsible for the rescue of more than 850 Golden Retrievers since their establishment in 2001. Donna hopes her performance at Square Beans will bring in donations to support the veterinary care of these abandoned and abused animals brought in from areas of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. While the frothy blend of cappuccino and musical romance is certainly a good reason to visit Square Beans on Valentine's Day, Donna's audience can delight in the fact that her performance truly comes from the heart.

If you would like to learn more about Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue visit .

Further information on Square Beans Coffee Company can be found at