Friday, February 29, 2008


YES! Finally after months and months of hard work Square Beans Coffee Company is now officially open for business!! We finalized everything Friday with the permit and licensing process and put our finishing touches on the shop. We will have our first full day of operation today (Saturday March 1st 2008) starting at 8 AM. Kelli has been baking up a storm tonight to fill the bake case for tomorrow. PLEASE come by and check out her incredible homeade items. You and your taste buds will be amazed! See you at the bean!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Independent Article

Check out today's Collierville Independent for an article written about our shop opening!

We are really excited about opening soon. We seem to jinx ourselves everytime we say we are opening on a specific day, so we aren't doing that anymore. Hopefully within the next few days though you will not see the brown kraft paper on the windows anymore and you can all come in and enjoy what we hope you will think is a relaxing atmosphere and great coffee!

We got an email from someone asking if we would have hot chocolate for the kids - or anyone who really isn't much of a coffee drink. The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY! We have a really great Dutch Hot Cocoa, a Mexican Hot Chocolate as well as an European Sipping Chocolate!

We look forward to seeing everybody! Kelli and Walt

Friday, February 22, 2008

Our first ad!

For those readers of the Collierville Herald, I hope you noticed our ad Thursday Feb 21st on page A6. I know that a lot of people were hoping that we'd be open this weekend (so were we) but a couple of things came up that were out of our control. The good news is that everything should be finalized by early next week with our opening soon after. Hey, it just gives us more time to get things just right for you. Hang in there, I think it will be worth it! Kep watching this space. - Walt

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We have an espresso machine!

Which is nice since thats what were all about! Our new state of the art Swiss made espresso machine does it all. Grinds, doses and extracts great tasting espresso every time. With the freshest roasted beans from around the world and consistantly good shots, we think you will really enjoy a cup of fine coffee for a change. If espresso, cappucino or lattes are not what you are craving, we'll have the best brewed coffee around. Great tasting even if you just want a plain black coffee!

Hopefully, you'll be able to get all of that AND some great tasting breakfast and lunch goodies VERY soon. All I can say is keep an eye on the website!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Almost there!

Things are really hopping now. We should get all of the construction / painting done this weekend. We will work on getting the last equipment installed and our final inspections first of the week and with any luck we will be open to the public by the weekend of the 22nd - no promisses! Just check this web site for sure. Plans are under way for our first art exhibit. We will feature 3 local photographers, one just got back from an exciting trip to the Holy Land, one has a very interseting historical link to this building and one is, shall we say, VERY involved with this project. Finally, watch for our 1st ad in the Collierville Herald next Thursday. more later...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cabinets and sinks and ovens oh my!

Last week started off very well. Our custom cabinet maker Jesse Vest and sons from Pickwick delivered and installed our cabinets and counters Monday and Tuesday and they look great and are extremely well built. Jesse is a true master craftsman as we learned when we visited his shop last weekend. On Tuesday much of our equipment arrived from Chef's Supply and Design including the convection oven which will soon be producing Kelli's wonderous goodies. We placed it right up front on the counter so everyone can see (and smell!) what's baking. We also received most of our sinks and refrigeration.

Unfortunatley, the rest of the week did not go as well as planned. We had hoped to have the electrical, plumbing and tile complete by today - didn't happen :( Everyone is supposed to be here Monday morning though. So we shall see.

Besides that, the main projects remaining are to finish the restroom trim, install the picture hanging system, speakers and paint the floor.

I know that there are lots of folks anxious to have us open (thankfully!) but there are a lot of things beyond our control. We are working very hard doing as much as we can do ourselves every night and weekend with some help from friends as well. With any luck we will still open this month.