Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fresh Coffee By The Pound

These one pound bags of fresh whole bean coffees have just arrived from our roaster:

Nicaraguan Matagalpa Jinotega
This fabulous coffee comes from high elevations in Jinotego. Grown in lush Orchid shade canopy this coffee hits your palate with a roasted-cashew brittle, thick sweet syrupy body and a big nose of infused fruits.

Mexican Pluma Tres Oros
Tres Oros means three Golds. High Grown coffee stays on the plant for longer and yields a more flavorful cherry. This Mexican coffee is light and smooth, with notes of bittersweet cocoa with light floral highlights. Velvety smooth body and with low acidity.

Guatemalan Los Volcanes
Stretching across the highlands of Guatemala near fertile volcanic soil is the SHB (strictly hard-bean) complex fruit. Strictly hard bean means that it develops more slowly and has a more complex flavor. This coffee has a slightly toasty front, with flowers, leading up to a very chocolate middle and a long sweet finish. It has a polished body and lively acidity.

Costa Rica Monte Cristol
Strictly Hard bean coffee is a harder bean, which carries more flavor characteristics. From the Western valley of Costa Rica this shade grown coffee is grown under lush dense forest trees, and thrives in rich, dark volcanic soil. Very sweet spicy in the nose, subtle fruits and classic typical wine-like tastes accompany this vibrant bold bodied coffee.

Rwanda Bourbon
Grown in the country’s prime coffee growing region with ample rainfall and perfect climate, this is a very fragrant coffee with a slight peppery aroma. It is quite full bodied with a smooth acidity.

Full one pound bags of whole bean coffee (we are happy to grind it for you) are available for $12.95 and, for a limited time, include a FREE cup of todays brewed coffee!

Remember, these beans a just a few days out of the roaster and will go fast. Who knows when that grocery store (and the name brand coffeehouse) coffee was roasted? Most likely months ago.

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